2020 Themed Weekends

May 1-3 Cinco de Mayo

We’re having a fiesta so fun there’s no WAY Yogi Bear™ can sleep through it! All weekend we’re celebrating Mexican and Latino culture by exploring art, music, dance, food, stories, and more! Help teach Yogi to dance El Jarabe Tapatío (The Mexican Hat Dance), get your face painted like a great luchador, make some castanets,    and maracas to wake up Yogi and decorate piñatas. Bring all your crafts to our Fun Fiesta and show off!

May 8-10 Spring Fling

Spring has sprung at the park! Help us choose what to plant in our garden for guests to enjoy all season! Make Yogi a bear-sized flower crown, learn all about the squirmy wormy bugs that help plants grow, or create your own paper flower bouquet! Moms can also enjoy some treats and pampering this weekend while we keep the kids busy.

May 15-17 Under the Stars

Get ready to explore the stars! This weekend you can get an up-close look at our solar system and learn to identify constellations. You’ll hear the stories behind the constellations during our star-gazing party. Keep a careful watch, though…there’s a rumor that green men in spaceships have been spotted in the skies of Jellystone Park…can you help Yogi stop an invasion!?

May 22-25 Memorial Day

Summer. Has. Arrived! The pool is open, and the party begins! Dive into that summer mood with a weekend-long marathon of all your favorite summer traditions. In the spirit of the holiday, kids can also write letters to military members stationed overseas, and join us one morning for a color guard flag raising.

May 29-31 Birthday Bash

Go Yogi! It’s your birthday! That’s right, our favorite bear is throwing the birthday party of the year, and you’re invited! Decorate your party hat and practice your tail-pinning and piñata swinging, because this party goes for days! No gifts required, make sure you bring some cool dance moves!

June 5-7 Time Travel

We, like, totally know how radical things were back in our day. Time to show these kids just how freaky fly things were! Wear your most bomb throwback outfit to cut a rug at our sock-hop dance, make some groovy tie-dye, and play some real-life versions of your favorite classic arcade games!

June 12-14 Superheroes

What’s that in the sky with my pic-a-nic basket!? It’s Super Yogi Bear™! Welcome to the Jellystone Park™ Hero Academy! After completing your hero training, you’ll create your mask and choose your code name so you can join Yogi Bear™ on the quest to stop camping crimes! We’ll also meet some real-life heroes, meet some animals who have superpowers, and test your comic book knowledge!

June 19-21 Tee Time

FORE! Break out your khaki shorts, polos, and visors for a weekend on the green. Compete in the Jellystone Park™ Invitational, the ultimate title in mini-golf glory! Complete in our golf cart obstacle course, try your hand at a round of golf that’s ALL water hazard, and find out what it feels like to “be the ball”. For Father’s Day come prepared for a look-a-like contest to see which kid has the best dad costume. Make sure to stock up on plenty of Dad Jokes!

June 26-28 Shipwrecks & Islands

Ahoy, tharrrr be mermaids in them waters! Our annual Cardboard Boat Regatta will test your skills to make a sea-worthy vessel. Take a swim with mermaids, ride through the park on The Bear Pearl and fire your water cannons at campers, and hunt for Captain Yogi Bear’s buried treasure. Don’t miss our Pirates vs. Mermaids 3-legged-relay. Which side will win!?

July 2-5 Party in the USA

USA! USA! Spend Independence Day weekend at the best family-friendly party in town! We’ll set you up in style with some red, white, & blue tie-dye, and test your skill with fun tournaments like cornhole and watermelon eating! Don’t forget to see all the fireworks just minutes away! Your furry friend is safe with us at the campsite; we don’t set off our

July 10-12 Knights & Sprites

Hear ye, hear ye! The Kingdom is holding a festival for subjects near and far! Suit up and go on our Knight’s Quest, claim lands for yourself in Castle Conquer, and battle for glory in our Warrior’s Gauntlet! If quests aren’t your style, brush up on your trick shots for our archery contest, enjoy some jester jokes, weave some faerie flower crowns, or just come have an olde fashioned good time at our gala.

July 17-19 Rainforest

Journey deep into the jungles of Jellystone Park™, and who knows what you might find! Fascinating animals and unusual plants await you. Are you stronger than a python? Can you swing better than a monkey? We’ll put your wild skills to the test! What would a rainforest be without rain, though? Be sure to bring your water guns, because even if it doesn’t rain, we’ll be sure to make some rain of our own on our Wet Hey Ride!

July 24-26 Bearlympics

Faster. Higher. Stronger. This year, the summer games are in Tokyo AND Akron-Canton! Explore the classic games as well as some new additions. Glory awaits whoever can take home the gold in our events, especially the coveted Camping Relay!

July 31-August 2 Mad Science

Science isn’t always lab coats and equations. Sometimes it’s MESSY! Come get knee- deep in some fantastic interactive science experiments, feel around in our mystery object boxes, and watch Professor Pink Pants’ hilarious science show! By the time you leave, you’ll be a real Einstein (crazy hair and all)!

August 7-9 Tailgate

Green 87! Yakky Doodle 32! HUT! Hall of Fame weekend is finally here, and football is officially back! Make sure you come ready to represent your team; the best-decorated campsite for a college or professional team will be getting a prize! Like a preseason game, we’ll be polishing up your tailgating prowess to get you ready for the regular season with lawn games and grill-offs. Try your hand and throwing like a quarterback, and if you’re good, make sure you don’t miss our flag football game!

August 14-16 Wet-n-Wild

Bring some quarters for the dryers and lots of extra towels…and prepare to get soaked! It’s our final Water Wars weekend of 2020, and you can bet it’s gonna be a big one! Slippery races, wet wagon rides, and our refreshing pool will have you wringing out your clothes with pruny fingers and a big smile!

August 21-23 Chocoholic

If you dream of dancing with sweets, or can’t get through your day without a chocolate fix, this weekend is for you. We’ve got a decadent weekend of cocoa indulgence ready and waiting. Chocolate tastings, games, and crafts are ready to be enjoyed! Make sure you bring some old clothes and goggles because, for the real chocolate lovers out there, we’ll have a kickball game where instead of running, you slip and slide…through chocolate sauce!

August 28-30 Prehistoric

For prehistoric humans, camping wasn’t something you did on the weekends…it was a way of life! Test your survival skills this weekend to see if you could have stacked up! Join our staff on an archeological dig, wrangle some raptors, and crack open some delicious dino eggs. Just make sure you get all those eggs! You wouldn’t want one to hatch overnight…

September 4-7 So Long, Summer!

Take one last weekend to forget about school (and don’t think about all that snow that’s coming soon!) as we say goodbye to summer over Labor Day Weekend. We’ll be visiting all the summer staples one last time in 2020. Sandcastles! Swimming! Bonfires! Our most popular events and crafts from this summer will be making a comeback this weekend just in case you missed it. Fall is fun, but there’s nothing like summer! Send it off the right way.

September 11-13 Zoofari

Our activity barn will be hopping all weekend with awesome animals and roaring fun games! Get your face painted like your favorite animal and go wild! You’ll get to meet some fascinating animals and learn about the animals that live in your backyard that you might not even know about! Bring your cameras with you on our Bear Safari and see if you can spot Yogi and his friends!

                                               September 18-20 Maddening Mysteries

We’re going to need the sharp minds of all you sleuths out there for this one! Mystery is afoot at Jellystone Park™, and Detective Yogi Bear™ needs help! Puzzles and problems be presented throughout the weekend, including a variety of escape rooms for different ages. Solve riddles while stifling giggles!

September 25-27 It’s Fall, Y’all!

Crunchy leaves, sweaters, blankets, hot cocoa…we could go on! Fall is one of the things we love about Ohio. We we’re planning a party just for it! Get cozy and enjoy s’mores, apple cider, campfires, and everything you love about fall! We’ll even have crafts set up to help you decorate for the season.

                                     October 2-4 Pumpkin Patch (Chili Cook-Off)

When you stay, you get to play! Guests this weekend will receive free tickets to visit Kingsway Pumpkin Farm just down the road. You can also try our Magic Pumpkin Patch, which grows a pumpkin from a seed overnight! Bring your pumpkins down to the barn and get ready to cut, carve, paint, and pretty-up your gorgeous gourds.

October 9-11 Costume Party (Good Night, Yogi!)

Our stay & play promotion continues this weekend, with free tickets to visit Kingsway Pumpkin Farm just down the road! Make sure to bring your costumes, we’ll be having a contest, party, and trick-or-treating! A special prize will be awarded to the best-decorated campsite. We’ll be having not-so-scary Halloween fun all weekend, which is sure to tire Yogi out! Before you leave, we’ll have a pajama party and then tuck Yogi in for his winter hibernation. Lucky bear!

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